Reciprocal Pronouns (Kata Ganti Timbal Balik)

Reciprocal pronouns (kata ganti timbal balik) digunakan saat dua pihak atau lebih melakukan hal yang sama satu sama lain.

Kata yang termasuk reciprocal pronouns yaitu: each other dan one another.


  1. Nurul and Chendy are waving to each other.
  2. Iesa and Adib admire each other.
  3. Febrie and Andrea loathe each other.
  4. Rian and Adji were laughing on each other in the school ground.
  5. Fanny and Yoga hate each other.
  6. Carya and Ratri love each other.
  7. Rizky and Eka gave each other gold rings on their wedding day.
  8. Orig and Adyati has given golden rings to each other on their wedding day.
  9. Jhon and Winarti gave each other diamond rings on their engagement ceremony.”
  10. Kaisar and Melissa kissed each other at the end of the ceremony.
  11. Dini and Laksmi were talking to each other in the hallway.
  12. Ceren and Dewi waved goodbye to each other as they left the playground.
  13. Adhit and Budi like to throw the ball to each other.
  14. Indira and Amanda like to give surprise gifts to each other.
  15. Both teams played hard against each other.
  16. Both groups fought hard against each other.
  17. Me and my friend has shared a gift to each other on new year.
  18. Our dog and cat love each other.
  19. They asked each other the same question and the same time.
  20. They always distrust each other.
  21. They can’t see each other.
  22. They gave each other gifts.
  23. They talk to each other like they’re babies.
  24. They celebrate the ring ceremony by kissing each other at the end.
  25. The boats were bumping against each other in the storm.
  26. The cars were bumping into each other on the icy road.
  27. The cars were touching each other in the traffic jam.
  28. The cats were happily grooming each other.
  29. We gave each other gifts.
  30. We give each other gifts during the holidays.
  31. Why don’t you believe each other?
  32. Why do you question each other?
  33. Our three dogs and your cat love one another.
  34. The defendants blamed one another for the crime they were charged with.
  35. The doctors rely on one another for peer consultations.
  36. The five prisoners were all blaming one another.
  37. The gangsters were fighting one another.
  38. The gang of boys was accusing one another.
  39. The horses were tripping one another as the race came to an end.
  40. The kids spent the afternoon kicking the ball to one another.
  41. The prisoners were fighting one another.
  42. The sisters were hugging one another.
  43. The students congratulated one another after giving practice speeches.
  44. The students helped one another perform the group experiment.
  45. The students in this classroom cooperate with one another.
  46. The teachers gathered to congratulate one another on the year’s conclusion.
  47. The ten angry men were all pointing fingers at one another.
  48. Customers are fighting to one another for a single product.
  49. Many kids are playing in the ground by kicking the ball to one another.
  50. Seniors have congratulated one another on their farewell party.
  51. Teachers were talking one another about the exam.

Berdasarkan aturan lama, each other digunakan untuk merujuk dua orang atau dua pihak, sedangkan jika pihak yang dirujuk lebih dari dua maka menggunakan one another. Namun peraturan ini menghilang jika menggunakan english modern.

Jika menggunakan peraturan english modern atau terkini maka tidak ada perbedaaan antara keduanya (each other dan one another).


We sent each other Birthday cards.
(We sent them a Birthday card, they sent us a Birthday card)

Firman and Yoggie helped one another.
(Firman helped Yoggie, Yoggie helped Firman.)

They didn’t look at one another.
(He didn’t look at her, she didn’t look at him.)

Dengan menambahkan –'s pada reciprocal pronouns maka kita bisa mendapatkan kalimat possessive. Contoh:

  1. Ratih and Widya can wear each other’s clothes.
  2. Kaisar and Indrawan can wear each other’s jacket.
  3. Do you two admire each other’s courage?
  4. Do you three admire one another’s courage?
  5. Sports persons can wear one another’s clothes.

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