Interrogative Pronouns

Interrogative pronouns digunakan untuk bertanya.

Kata yang termasuk interrogative pronouns yaitu: who, whom, whose, which, dan what (Kata Whoever, whomever, whichever, dan whatever juga bisa digunakan sebagai interrogative pronouns walaupun jarang digunakan).

Kata who, whom dan which berguna untuk menggantikan orang sedangkan kata what dan which berguna untuk menggantikan hewan dan benda.

Berikut ini adalah contoh penggunaan kata interrogative pronouns:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who called last night?
  3. Who came last night?
  4. Who is dancing?
  5. Who is laughing at me?
  6. Who is the villain here?
  7. Who is there?
  8. Who opened the refrigerator?
  9. Who said that?
  10. Who told you to do that?
  11. Who told you?
  12. Who was embarrassed the most?
  13. Who will design the new logo?
  14. Who won the race?
  15. Whom do I ask for at the desk?
  16. Whom do you suggest we nominate for class president?
  17. Whom did you call?
  18. Whom did you tell?
  19. Whom shall we ask?
  20. Whom were you speaking with this morning?
  21. Once you learn to speak Japanese, whom are you going to talk to?
  22. To whom are you speaking?
  23. To whom did you give the note?
  24. To whom was that said?
  25. Whose are these books?
  26. Whose camera is this?
  27. Whose is this?
  28. Whose question was that?
  29. Whose car is this?
  30. Whose socks are those?
  31. Whose watch is this?
  32. Which belongs to her?
  33. Which came first?
  34. Which did you buy?
  35. Which do you prefer?
  36. Which horse won the race?
  37. Which is the greater?
  38. Which is your coat?
  39. which jacket should I wear?
  40. Which keys are yours?
  41. Which of these two do you prefer?
  42. Which teacher said that?
  43. What are you talking about?
  44. What did you say?
  45. What do you want for your birthday?
  46. What do you want?
  47. What does the man want?
  48. What is that?
  49. What is the number on the door?
  50. What is your favorite color?
  51. What is your secret?
  52. What movie did you go to see last night?
  53. What’s happened?
  54. What’s your phone number?

Interrogative pronouns dengan akhiran -ever biasanya digunakan untuk memberi tekanan atau menunjukkan keterjutan.

  1. Whoever would want to eat such a gross thing?
  2. Whoever would want to do such a nasty thing?

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