Compound Nouns (Kata Benda Majemuk)

Melanjutkan pembahasan countable dan uncountable nouns.

Compound nouns atau kata majemuk adalah kata benda yang terdiri dari gabungan dua kata atau lebih.

Penghubung kata pada Compound Nouns

Ada tiga bentuk compound nouns.

1. Tanpa spasi

bedroom, boyhood, chalkboard, eyelid, fundraiser, housework, schoolteacher, shotgun, snowboarding, speechwriter, sunglasses, toothpaste

2. Dengan spasi

address book, fish tank, grapefruit juice, grey matter, heart attack, human rights, movie stars, swimming pool, fool moon, tennis shoe

3. Dengan garis

baby-sitter, check-in, daughter-in-law, laughing-gas, self-interest, sister-in-law, six-pack

Tidak ada aturan baku dalam penggunaan penghubung pada compound nouns. Oleh karena itu kamu harus memeriksa kebenaran penulisan compound nouns menggunakan spellchecker atau kamus. Yang perlu diperhatikan adalah ada beberapa kata yang memiliki beberapa bentuk sekaligus.

Beberapa contoh Compound Nouns yang memiliki dua atau tiga bentuk sekaligus

  • changing-room / changing room (2 bentuk ini benar)
  • container-ship / containership / container ship (3 bentuk ini benar)
  • ice-axe / ice axe (2 bentuk ini benar)
  • ink-well / inkwell / ink well (3 bentuk ini benar)
  • laughing-gas / laughing gas (2 bentuk ini benar)
  • water-bottle / water bottle (2 bentuk ini benar)

Komposisi Compound Nouns

Pada umumnya compound nouns terdiri dari gabungan dua buah nouns atau gabungan antara adjective (kata sifat) dan noun (kata benda).

Part of Speech_ + Part of Speech_ = Compound Noun
adjective + noun = blackboard, full moon, greenhouse, hardware, highway, monthly ticket, redhead, software, whiteboard
adjective + verb = dry-cleaning, public speaking
adverb + noun = onlooker, bystander
adverb + verb = output, overthrow, upturn, input
noun + adverb = hanger-on, passer-by
noun + noun = bath tub, bedroom, bus stop, fire-fly, football, motorcycle, printer cartridge, saucepan, seaman, wall-paper, water tank, witchcraft
noun + preposition = hanger on
noun + verb = sunrise, haircut, rainfall, train-spotting
preposition + noun = influx, underground, underworld
preposition + Verb = output
verb + adverb = lookout, take-off, drawback
verb + noun = breakfast, driving license, swimming pool, washing machine
verb + preposition = checkout
verbal + noun = washing machine

Daftar Compound Nouns

Dibawah ini adalah beberapa contoh Compound Nouns


afterthought, airplane, another, anybody, anyhow, anyone, anything, anywhere, armchair


backbone, backspace, backwoods, become, bedroom, beeswax, birthday, birthright, blackberry, blackbird, blackmail, bloodvessel, bluebell, Board of Members, bodyguard, bookkeeper, bolthole, boyfriend, brainstorm, breadbin, brushwood


cardboard, carefree, caretaker, carpet, chairman, clockwork, cooking-oil, commonsense, copyright, cupboard, court-martials


daylight, dead weight, dining-table, downfall, downstairs


earring, earthwork, evergreen, everybody, everyday, everyone, everything, everywhere, eyeball


fatherland, fingerprint, firearm, fire-engine, firefly, fireman, fireplace, firework, first-rate, floppy disk, football, footlights, footman, footnote, footprint, footstep, forget-me-not, friendship


gasworks, goalkeeper, goldfish, goodlooking, good-morning, goodnight, gunboat, gun-carriage, gunmetal, gunpowder


handbook, handwriting, headdress, headland, headphones, headstone, headway, hereafter, herewith, herself, highlands, highway, himself, horsback, horseplay, horsepower, hourglass, houseboat, housekeeper, however


inasmuch, income, indoors, inland, inlet, inside, instep, into, itself






landmark, landslip, lawsuit, lighthouse, lipstick, loanshark, looking-glass, loophole


manhandle, manhole, manservant, meeting room, moonlight, mother-in-law, myself


network, newspaper, nightcap, nobody, nothing, nowhere


offspring, oncoming, oneself, oneline, onto, ourselves, outburst, outcome, outcry, outdoor, outgoing, outhouse, outlaw, outlet, outline, outlook, output, outside, outskirts, outstretched, overacting, overall overbalancing, overbearing, overcoat, overcome, overdo, overdressed, overfull, overhanging, overhead, overland, overleaf, overload, overlook, overseas, overseer, overshoe, overstatement, overtake, overtaxed, overtime, overturned, overuse, overvalued, overweight, overworking


pincushion, plaything , policeman, policewoman, postman, postwoman, postmark, postmaster, postoffice

Q , R

railway, receivership, runway, runaway


scarecrow, seaman, secondhand, shorthand, shutdown, sideboard, sidewalk, sinkhole, skyscraper, somebody, someday, somehow, someone, something, sometime, somewhat, somewhere, starlight, startup, steamship, suchlike, sunburn, sunlight, sunshade, sweetheart


themselves, timesheet, today, tonight, toothpaste, tradesman


underclothing, undercooked, undergo, undergrowth, undermined, undersigned, undersized, understatement, undertake, undertaker, undervalued, undo, update, upkeep, uplift, upon, upright, upstairs, uptake, uptight


viewpoint .


wallpaper, waterfall, weekend, well-being, well-off, whatever, whenever, whereas, whereby, wherever, whichever, whitewash, whoever, windpipe, within, without, woodwork, workhouse , workman, workmanship, workout




yearbook, yourself



Pembahasan berikutnya: collective nouns.


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