The Most Inspiring Businesswomen that You Should Know

The existence of the most inspiring businesswomen in this world makes the business itself more interesting. Business is really flexible and everyone can run business to reach the most exciting goal in their life. Woman can become the leader of the business. They have system and people who work for them. They take full advantage from the system and they make it profitable for the business. The most inspiring businesswomen may inspire other women to do the same. Women also have the same right to become business owner. As the leader of the business, they can do anything that they want without the interruption from other people. Everyone can become the successful businessman and this opinion is proven by the most inspiring businesswomen that are stated in this article.

Patricia Woertz is inspiring woman who can earn $15,5 million per year. She works hard as the leader of Archer Daniles Midland. Compared with other businessmen in the country, she is at 27th rank of the Fortune 500. It proves that she can become very rich and successful.

Angela Braly is one of the most inspiring businesswomen. She is the leader of the WellPoint. The company has an important role to provide health plan for people. She was successful to raise health care rate significantly by 40 percent.

Indra Nooyi is another successful woman who you should know. She is the chairman of PepsiCo. She can earn $15,8 millions per year. Although she has two children, she can still manage her career and family proportionally. Together with Michelle Obama, she struggled to fight child obesity.

Irene Rosenfeld is one of the most inspiring businesswomen with big company. She can earn $26,3 million per year. She runs the business of Kraft Foods. She is a good mom and CEO at the same time.

Another inspiring woman is Ursula Burns. Her achievements in business are very impressive. She is the most important person in Xerox and Fortune500. Although she is very successful, she can still give her time forĀ  family and children.

They have many differences. They work harder to run business and prove their achievement to the world. After they become successful in their business, they world can see them as the strongest figures in business. Businesswomen is not different from businessmen. Their existence is needed to support business since business needs one leader that can be trusted. The main role of the leader is to manage business effectively.

The most inspiring businesswomen above may change the perception of the world. Woman also has right to become the owner and leader in business. It is the perfect time to show the world what they can do. Women are not only the employees who work for business. Women can become the top leader of certain business. However, they need to run business for long period of time until they can see the result. If you want to become one of the most inspiring businesswomen, you should struggle hard and spend more time to get success.


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