Online Business Vs. Offline Business

When newbie wants to start new business, they may find several choices of businesses that they can try. Business is full of choice and challenge. Businessmen can use the choice to make money and get more opportunity. Business is done to change challenge into profit. However, businessmen need to compete with other people in business to become the best. They need many years to run business until it becomes successful. There are two types of businesses in this modern era. Businessmen can use online business or offline business to make money. Every choice has its own advantages and disadvantages. They need to know the consequence and problem of each choice to determine the strategy to win competition.

Internet changes the world so dramatically. This innovation changes our lifestyle. We can use internet for various purposes. We use the technology to look for any information quickly. Internet gives fast access to get any information only in few seconds. Internet is powerful tool for communication. Businessmen can use it to support their business. The online business itself uses internet to let the businessmen connect and communicate with potential customers effectively and quickly. Customers can easily find the existence of their business. Meanwhile, businessmen use internet to promote product or service in specific ways. Businessmen should use internet to start new business. Internet can reach potential customers so quickly. They use it to promote business via social media, email, or forum. When they post certain articles or short messages, they can get a fast response from potential customers.

There are various choices of online businesses on the internet. The businessmen make the blog and they can monetize the blog. They can make website with high traffic and they offer the company to advertise in their website. They also offer several services to support other online businesses. They provide website design, SEO service, writing service, or online advertisement. If you want to start online business, you may find some problems. It can be quite hard to understand the need of your customers since you cannot meet them face to face. There may be miscommunication between you and the customer. Moreover, online business is used by scammers to deceive their target. Only few people understand the concept of this business so that this condition is used by the scammers.

How about offline business? Unlike online business, this business does not use internet. Offline business is done in real world. businessmen can meet the customers to do the transaction. They offer certain product or service to the customers and they open the store. If customers want to buy the product, they only need to visit the store. They can easily choose one of available products in the store. In this business, the business owner and customers can have a ‘real’ communication since they can meet and communicate in real world. The business itself uses traditional method and it can be quite difficult to get more customers quickly since the market is limited. If they want to get more customers, they should open new stores or use franchise method to sell the license of their system.


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