Marketing Rules Do Not Always Work for Your Business

Many businessmen believe in some marketing rules to enhance the success of their business. However, the rules do not always work since the result is relatively determined by many factors. If you focus on certain marketing rules too much without understanding the condition of your business, you may not get any profit and sale. The most important aspect in advertisement or marketing is not the rule. Marketers do not believe in any rule since they use their own way to get more profit. It is only related to how well you can manage the business and sale in certain way. Do you still want to trust unproven marketing rules?

The first point of marketing rules that you may believe is the benefit in headline. Is it true? Some marketers may believe that this method can be effective to encourage the customers to buy the products or services. However, the headline with strong benefits does not always attract the customer to buy them. Your potential customers may think about the headline in different way. In their opinion, you only want to encourage the customers to buy the products with so many ‘benefits’ and they must give you money to get the product with its benefit. They will think that you only want to sell something without understanding their need and condition.

Many marketers believe that internet can be very powerful solution to get more sale and profit. Is it true? The results depend on your effort and strategy to win the competition. Internet can be useless if you cannot apply the marketing rules proportionally. Many marketers believe that email marketing can be very effective. The marketing rules state that email can be very effective to send the advertisement to the prospect directly and instantly. Are these marketing rules trustable enough? Let’s see the response of the customers. What will you do if you get unwanted email from random company? You will not open it since you think that it is not useful at all. Only few emails get opened by the potential customers. If they open the email, they will not think that their money must be used to buy the product or service. Moreover, this kind of email is usually blocked with spam filters. Of course, nobody wants useless email.

Internet is also related to social media. The marketing rules also state that social media marketing can be very powerful to attract more customers and increase sale. The most visited social media is Facebook and marketer uses this website to get potential customers. Do you believe that the marketing rules with social media are effective? It can be very effective as long as you know how to advertise properly on Facebook. However, General Motors does not believe in Facebook marketing anymore and it uses another medias for advertisement. Unfortunately, marketers do not understand that Facebook is used to communicate with friend and family. The users do not want to see any advertisements on Facebook. They visit Facebook to make friend, but they do not care about your business and company. Social media has its own purpose. If you still believe in marketing rules without understanding the condition of your prospect, you can get any benefit.


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