Employees Vs. Employers

What is the biggest ambition in your life? Do you want to work for big company and become the employee? Do you want to become the successful business owners with so many employees working for you? Which is the best option? Employee or employer? The choice is determined by the core value in your life. Everyone has their own dream and they can do anything to achieve the dream. Being employee is not bad as long as you can give the best skill and work to the company you work for. Meanwhile, employer is needed by many people who need a job to live. The existence of business owner may be very important for other people. Let’s compare employees and employers from several perspectives.

What is your consideration to become employee? Do you want to use your skill to help other people? Many people spend many years to study at school. They study several subjects to become successful people. The school is a place to study and provide new employee for the company. The students study hard since they want to get a good paying job in the future. After they finish the study, they work hard to find a job. They must also get the license to prove their skill. They do everything to make dream come true. They want to work for big company. They do it to make their parents proud. Safe job with high salary is the most important thing for employee.

How about the employers? They may see the world from different perspective. They are not interested with safe job or stagnant life. They want change and challenge in life. Of course, they always try to make innovation or newer technology. They must not study at school. They study from the nature and their experience. They do not need any license to prove their skill. It is proven by the success of their company. They are bored with school and try to make something new that makes them interested. The employers focus on the system of the business. They work hard to make reliable system and high quality product or service. They only focus on the system and let other people work under the system. They hire more people to work since they need more supports to run business. They use opportunity and open new opportunity for employees. Unlike employees, employers are not too interested with safety. They want to take risk to make more money. If they take the risk, they can change it into profit. As long as they want to deal with risk, they can make the company bigger and stronger to face competition in business. The most important things for employer are big opportunity and profitable business.

Being employees or employer is the choice in your life. Each choice has its own consequence. Regardless to your choice, you need to study harder to become the best person in your field. Employees are not bad since they want to work hard for other people’s company. Employer is a good person since they give so many opportunity for employees.


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