The Role of Community and Organization in Strengthening Togetherness and Compactness

As social creature, we cannot live alone without the interaction with other people. Interaction and social life are the basic needs that exist within every people since they are born in this world.

When we interact with other people, we need togetherness and compactness to keep up harmony. It is very important to maintain the social relation well and avoid conflict. Mutual understanding among the people is certainly needed to realize peace.

Moreover, togetherness and compactness are very important to realize certain purpose. A plan or big dream from certain community cannot be realized without togetherness and compactness among the members. A team with certain vision needs to support compactness from all members so that they can do the mission to realize the dream.

There are some ways to strengthen togetherness and compactness that we can do such as community and organization. These aspects have the important role to strengthen togetherness and compactness for the member.

In a community, the members usually have the same hobby. Due to the same hobby, the members from certain community can befriend each other. The events in a community usually focus on the certain purpose to strengthen togetherness and compactness among the members.

For example, many blogger communities often conduct gathering, blood donation, or social donation as the event to strengthen friendship that is kept well with the members of the community or people outside of the community. With strong friendship, it will be easy to realize togetherness and compactness in a community.

There are also other communities like old bicycle community, Harley community, gamer community, etc. All of them have the same purpose to unify people with the same interest and activity to show togetherness so that they can enjoy and improve their hobby well.

Besides, the organization also belongs to effective way to strengthen togetherness and compactness. The well-structured organization is very effective to rule the relation among the members. Organization can use some rules and cultures to maintain a harmonic relation among the members.

For example, well-structured organizations are school organization and scout. These organizations can educate their members to have togetherness, cooperate with each other, and discipline so that it will be easy to establish togetherness and compactness in the organization.

Togetherness and compactness can make certain organization progress and succeed in achieving vision and mission. Meanwhile, good organization can strengthen togetherness and compactness.

Every member in community or organization needs to respect and understand each other to maintain unity.

When we face a problem in community or organization, the solution must be done together. Togetherness will be easy to break when a problem cannot be solved together or there is an injustice. To solve it, discussion is definitely needed in every community and organization. Positive attitudes from every member are needed to maintain and strengthen togetherness and compactness in every relation among people. People need to be high-minded, accept criticism, respect, forgive, and protect each other so that the peaceful life can be achieved in harmony.


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