4th ETMC 2011 (Environmental Technology and Management Conference 2011)

4th ETMC 2011 (Environmental Technology and Management Conference 2011)
Bandung, Indonesia
November 3 – 4, 2011

Sustainable development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs should be implemented in all countries. The implementation is of importance especially with the presence of alarming local to global scale anthropogenic environmental problems and how the countries are connected through the earth‘s natural system. It is thus imperative that countries collaboratively working together to tackle and prevent the problems in order to warrant the successful implementation of sustainable development in the countries.

It is under the above mentioned spirit that the Environmental Technology and Management Conference (ETMC) were initiated. Held every 4 years since 1997 and with growing numbers of participant and expertise, the ETMC brings together policy makers, scientists, engineers, industries, and field expertise in environmental technology and management to discuss current and future local, regional, and global environmental issues. The ETMC is aimed to provide a forum to discuss and disseminate advances in research, technologies, and management, for improving the quality of the environment. Past participants of the conference include researchers, academic staffs, students, industries, public, and government officials.

With theme “Present and Future Challenges in Environment Sustainability”, the 4th ETMC is a global momentum for sustainable development that will lead to practical applications of the engineering and science of sustainability. Participating industries, academics, and governmental bodies will acquire information on the state of the art in environmental technology and management.

Plenary sessions of the 4th ETMC include presentations by Prof. Toshihiro Kitada, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan and Prof. (Hon) Rachmat Witoelar, President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change Indonesia.

There are invited international distinguished speakers:
Prof. Yen Peng Ting (National University of Singapore, Singapore)
Prof. Rudy Sayoga (Technology Bandung, Indonesia)
Prof. Naoyoki Funamizu (University, Japan)
Prof. Michael Sturm (FH Köln, Germany)
Prof. Kim Oanh (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
Prof. Takeshi Fujiwara (Okayama University, Japan)
Ir. H. Mulyadi Afmar (PT. Benefita, Indonesia)
Moekti Handajani Soejachmoen (Climate Change Indonesia)
Eka Jatnika Sundana, ST, MSc (Regional Environmental Management Agency West Java, Indonesia)
Dr. Indra Budiman Syawmil (Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia)

Contributed oral (118 contributions) and poster (27 contributions) presentations are divided into 6 major sessions:

  • Eco-industries
  • Natural Resources Management
  • Water Resources Management
  • Environmental Engineering and Technology
  • Green Cities
  • Climate Change and Air Pollution

Finally, the Organizing Committee wishes that this conference is able to provide beneficial scientific information to the participants and other concerned readers.

Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Bandung Institute of Technology (FCEE-ITB)
Jl Ganesha 10 Bandung 40132
E-mail: etmc2011@ftsl.itb.ac.id
Website: http://www.etmc-2011.org


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